First time landing in Goa


You are dazed and confused, it’s hot and you just want to be there.  But first you take a 50m coach ride from the plane to the airport, I guess they think you legs might not be working by then!  Then you queue for around an hour so that you can have your finger prints taken, four fingers on both hands and then two thumbs together, you smile into a camera get your passport stamped and get smiled at by friendly passport people.  There is money changing and a smoking room here too.

By this time your bag, hopefully, is alone on the floor for collection.  You burst, or stagger, into the arrival hall expecting to see you a friendly face with a board with your name but no they are not there.  Then you start to panic, but no, take a few steps outside and you will be met by numerous boards and your onwards journey can commence. Would recommend that you pre book taxi with your accommodation it’s a bit more expensive but less stressful eg 1600 rs airport, 2000 with accommodation to Agonda.